1 thing to do to prevent a dog from biting

It is important to remember that a puppy is training to become an adult dog. Like children, puppies should be taught what is and what is not acceptable behavior. Aggression in a puppy is cute, but you are not your puppy’s best teacher. Well, let me explain … The little nibbles and growls of a puppy are cute, but your laugh and telling him how cute he is is not acceptable. A cute growling and biting puppy grows to bite.

Other dogs and puppies are more effective at showing who’s boss. When the cubs play together, they bite each other. If one puppy bites too hard, the other puppy will scold him. You will not like that and you will learn to modify your behavior.

You must establish yourself as the alpha dog

The cub considers himself to be part of a new “pack” (his family). If you realize that there is already an alpha dog (you), you will settle in as just another member and you will not feel the need to become aggressive and “defend” yourself or others. If he doesn’t recognize an alpha, he will quickly take on that role and start to bite and become a problem. He will assume the role of alpha and will begin to defend you and / or your family with aggressive behavior.

For you to take on this role instead of your puppy, whenever he growls or is aggressive, just turn him on his back and treat him like his mother would … growl and get closer to him. You are the Alpha of your home, so let’s keep it up! Your puppy will learn to respect you and both of you will enjoy the relationship more.

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