10 Important Tips Every Dog Owner Should Follow

Every dog ​​owner should follow these ten tips to help you create a healthy and balanced life for you and your dog.

Tip No. 1: Dogs are not human. They are not his children and they have no human emotions. They need exercise, leadership, and clear direction.

Tip No. 2: Rehab is not “FIXING” your dog. It is about you, the owner, creating the environment you want and not what you feel. Your dog may sense feelings of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and worry. If they feel these feelings, they will try to play the leadership role by trying to become dominant.

Tip No. 3: Never adopt a shelter dog because you feel sorry for him. It will do more harm than good if you do. Make sure the dog you choose reflects the same energy level as you. Take him for a test drive (Walk) before adopting, the walk will tell you a lot about his personality.

Tip No. 4: Practice unwavering leadership every day. It all starts with the walk, the energy and emotion that you are projecting internally is the message that you are sending to your dog.

Tip No. 5: Take at least 45 minutes every morning to walk your dog. Be consistent and dedicated to setting the right tone for your dog every morning. You are establishing a pattern for your dog to follow and a job to do. “The Master exempts me from walking with them every morning.”

Tip No. 6: Give your dog rules, limits, and limitations. Love is the last thing you can give your dog, not the first.

Tip # 7: Don’t feed your dog’s fears or unstable mind. Petting and giving affection when your dog is afraid of something will only reinforce that fear. Instead, trust your mind that there is nothing to fear and get your dog right.

Tip # 8: Remember that you are your dog’s role model and the source of his energy.

Tip No. 9: Challenge your dog’s mind. Exercise is great, but some dogs need to be mentally challenged. Dogs need to know what to do with their lives. Teach them more commands to follow, play scented hide and seek, or try agility training.

Tip # 10: Dogs need structure that they need “down time” and “uptime” in a relaxed way. To avoid impatient or destructive behaviors, you must fully involve your dog in the structure you present to him. This way you can relax because your leader has taken care of everything in your life.

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