French evolution for the Renault Twingo Electric | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Elektrisch, praktisch, und sehr kompakt: Der Twingo Electric ist tatsächlich noch einmal 40 Zentimeter kürzer als der Zoe und tritt zum Kampfpreis in die E-Arena. © Renault From Stefan Pabeschitz Vienna – Twingo and electric drive were not completely alien to each other – after all, the little Frenchman provided the platform for the last

After the crisis, the nostalgia: this summer we are looking for salvation in memories

01 July 2020 Today at 14:15 Are the umbrellas, windshields and coolers ready for a holiday at the beach in your own country? That’s nice and nostalgic, and that’s exactly why 2020. If we were already bathed in nostalgia before March 2020, then we plunged into it unabashedly from the lockdown. Sixteen years after the