Volkswagen: Never before has a Tiguan been this sporty | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Stattliche Erscheinung: der facegeliftete Tiguan mit Dynamik versprechenden R-Design-Elementen. © TT/Höscheler By Markus Höscheler Innsbruck – This sporty motorization was not missing if we look at the sales figures for the Tiguan: Volkswagen sold 911,000 compact SUVs worldwide in the previous year – no other brand model was more successful in 2019. This year VW

Cowboy CEO Adrien Roose: ‘Our sales have doubled since the lockdown’

May 25, 2020 Today at 8:06 Little by little we pick up the thread of our normal life. Did corona change the world forever? We asked Adrien Roose, founder and CEO of the Brussels manufacturer of trendy electric bicycles Cowboy. What impact does corona have on your life? ‘Like everyone else, I spend a lot

Minis wanderlust living room | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Eine großzügig dimensionierte seitliche Schiebetür gibt den Blick frei auf den Wohnsalon im Urbanaut. © Mini By Markus Höscheler Munich – At first glance, the Mini Vision Urbanaut study looks like a kind of mini Bulli, a kind of large-capacity limousine in small format. Hardly any overhangs, a rather gently sloping windshield, a horizontally straight