The new Golf R rushes from zero to 100 km / h in 4.7 s | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

Bis zu 270 km/h schnell kann der neue Golf R fahren – dank eines 320 PS starken Zweiliter-Vierzylinder-Turbobenzinmotors und eines traktionssichernden 4Motion-Allradsystems. © Volkswagen Salzburg – The dethroned industry leader is fighting for its form: The VW Golf, number one in the domestic registration statistics for decades, this year – as in the previous year

The summer tire is retiring: What to look out for when changing tires | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

(Symbolfoto) © iStockphoto From Judith Sam Lermoos – Have gloves, winter hat and ice scraper prepared? Or even already in use? In some parts of Tyrol, meadows are already covered by a layer of frost in the morning. The snow is coming. It is high time not only to make your wardrobe fit for winter,

High level with the fourth generation of the Sorento: Kia’s European flagship | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

The fourth generation of the Sorento has improved significantly in terms of technology, driving comfort, driving dynamics and, last but not least, the design language. The ease of use has not suffered. Letztes Update am Samstag, 17.10.2020, 06:00 Soeben am Markt eingeführt wurde der Kia Sorento, der bis zu sieben Sitzplätze anbietet. Anfangs gibt es