Mouth mask proof: crash course in gesticulating like the Italians

June 18, 2020 Today at 08:35 Now that mouth masks largely cover our face, our hands must take over the lost facial expression. And for that we look best at the Italians. The ideal guide? ‘Speak Italian’ by artist Bruno Munari. You see them in every Italian coffee bar and on every Italian square: fiercely

Ships disinfectant Descroes expands to the Netherlands

December 21, 2020 Today at 6:00 PM The Antwerp specialist in the disinfection of ships and containers Descroes takes over his Dutch sector colleague Fumico. The price of the transaction is not known. Descroes, formerly known as Disinfectie Croes, specializes in the disinfection of ships and containers and their contents. This is done, among other