Singing, sex and self-talk: the Austrians and their car | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

© pixabay Vienna – For Austrians, the car is more than just a means of transport – more is done in it than just driven from A to B. The classics include singing and talking to yourself. For eight out of ten respondents, the former is part of driving a car. Women (83 percent) live

Belgian nuclear power plunges Engie into the red: 74,000 jobs affected by restructuring

A depreciation of nuclear assets in the amount of 2.9 billion euros was recorded in the group’s accounts. As we expected, the French group Engie has resolved to end nuclear power in Belgium. Last September, the De Croo government confirmed the atomic release schedule. The country’s seven nuclear reactors will have to be shut down

Punch is betting on hydrogen in Turin

25 February 2021 Today at 18:36 The Punch group has just created in its Turin center, a subsidiary dedicated to hydrogen called “Punch Hydrocells”. It’s been a good year since Guido Dumarey’s Punch group took over the General Motors engineering center in Turin. This Thursday, “Punch Torino” announced the creation of “Punch Hydrocells”, a new

Giles Dickson (WindEurope): “Europe is lagging behind in the development of renewable energies”

25 February 2021 Today at 10:00 The 858 MW of wind capacity installed in 2020 will not allow Belgium to achieve carbon neutrality objectives for 2050, believes Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope. A keen observer of the sector, WindEurope, the European wind energy federation, has done the accounts. 2020 will have been a record year

More people want their own car because of Corona: electric drive is booming | Tyrolean daily newspaper online

(Symbolfoto) © Thomas Böhm Paris – In the corona pandemic, significantly more people than before prefer to drive their own car. Demand for electric cars in particular is increasing. That was the result of two studies that were published this weekend. “87 percent of consumers worldwide prefer the use of a private vehicle in order