Amazon: What does Amazon’s sales range mean and is it significant?

The simple answer is that it means different things to different people, but I’ll expand on that. If you are an customer looking at the “Product Details” for a specific book, you might interpret’s sales rank as a measure of the popularity of that book. The lower the sales ranking number, the […]

Nations of the World – Fun Facts About Swaziland!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Swaziland! Independence Did you know- On September 6, 1968, the country, one of the most ethnically homogeneous republics on the planet, proclaimed its national independence as the Kingdom of Swaziland within the Commonwealth. It thus became the forty-second independent country in Africa. Since then, it has become one of the […]

Foreclosure Specialist: What They Do

This specialist is the one who initiates the process by which commercial and residential properties are claimed by various lenders, including mortgage companies and banks. This process begins due to non-payment of the client’s mortgage. The foreclosure specialist can assist the lender, new purchase, homeowner, or business owner with the procedures. They can even help […]