The mystical city of Tepoztlán: open your mouth and some unique flavors await you

Good food is easy to come by in Tepoztlán, Mexico, located just a couple of hours south of Mexico City on the highway to Acapulco. There is a generous variety of restaurants catering to the weekend visitor and tourists. Local food is centered on rolled tortilla sandwiches with pork, chicken, cheese or vegetables. Hot peppers […]

Ten Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Fitness Website and Grow Your Email List

If the first step of online marketing is driving traffic to your site, the second step is to capture email addresses so that you have a chance to build a relationship with the emails. You want to create an offer that is so attractive that a visitor cannot accidentally leave it. They found it in […]

The Ultimate Guide to a Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Would you say if I told you that you can get good results with a full body dumbbell workout? Well the truth of the matter is You can get amazing body-transforming results with a full-body dumbbell workout that incorporates dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.. There is a terrible myth in the fitness industry that you must […]

The unconscious mind listens: ancient voices and past lives

This is the sequel to my article titled Adoption of the Unconscious Mind by Carl Jung and Milton Erikson. It is a poignant example of how the unconscious mind listens and responds to everything, including what is barely audible. And no matter what professional or personal hat we are wearing, in this case mine was […]

Can hedgehogs and terriers get along? Socialization is a problem!

The answer: Yes, absolutely … with a properly socialized terrier you can! Terriers, by reproduction, are hunters. Most terrier breeds were used to eradicate vermin and pests, and help hunt foxes, weasels, otters, badgers, etc. Our 5 terriers are great little hunters and still have great instincts. They love to chase squirrels, birds, insects … […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Photoshop Image Editing

Editing and enhancing photos is one of the most important parts of any post-processing unit. How and why are they necessary is a question that arises on multiple occasions? The answer to the question is quite simple! Any photographer, regardless of his skill in the field of photography, will need a backup, as situations of […]

Self-employed: we are the future

Here are relevant statistics and observations from the fourth annual “Freelancing in America” ​​survey conducted by Freelancer’s Union. According to the organization, “Freelancing in America” ​​is the largest and most comprehensive measure of freelancers ever conducted in the US The online survey surveyed 6,002 American adults who had done full or part-time freelance work between […]