COVID-19 Pandemic Prompts Cycling Surge

COVID-19 Pandemic The deadly COVID-19 virus has caused a cycling surge in many cities across the world. The increase in cyclists is due to better bicycle infrastructure in these cities, and an awareness of the disease’s dangers. Despite the sudden spike in cyclists, the disease’s effects are not yet fully understood. For example, the number […]

Dentitox Pro Reviews – What You Need to Know

Dentitox Pro Reviews In the UK, Dentitox Pro is a product that is gaining popularity with consumers. This product works by changing the balance between the good and bad bacteria in your mouth. This is important because 80 percent of oral diseases are caused by bad bacteria. This dietary supplement has helped countless customers achieve […]

How to Make Your Business Rank Locally – 3 Tips to Boost Your Local Rankings

How to Make Your Business Rank Locally How to Make your Business Rank Locally is a critical component to getting your business seen in local searches. Here are some important tips to boost your local rankings: create an epic content marketing strategy, master SEO, and leverage paid media. These three strategies can help your business […]

Jasmine – The Story of an Indian Woman’s Transformation

In Jasmine, Bharati Mukherjee tells the story of a young woman named Jyoti, born in the village of Hasnapur. She is a poor girl but very intelligent and rebellious and defiant of spirit. However, she has to accept the dictates of the males in her family, most of the time. When an astrologer predicts her […]