How to sell a house: advice from real estate agents

With the country’s declining real estate market, a home seller can easily sell a house if the price drops. But for others who can’t afford to lower the asking price, it’s better to find other ways to make your home more attractive. Real estate agents are familiar with industry trends. They are also very knowledgeable […]

Teenage Pregnancy In Jamaica – The Reasons Behind This Problem

Teen pregnancy figures in Jamaica are starting; Before the age of 20, about 20% of Jamaican women have been pregnant at least once; 48% of males aged 15-19 years do not use condoms with their regular sexual partner, while 41% do not use condoms with a non-regular partner. Jamaica’s teen pregnancy epidemic is hidden under […]

Online Forum Moderation – How to Moderate Discussion Sites

Online forums have become a great discussion tool for Internet users around the world. Its growth scale also brought problems like derailment, irrelevant comments, trolls, insult wars, riots and spam. Moderators are an important aspect of keeping online discussion communities clean, relevant, and enjoyable. The role of an online moderator involves monitoring and enforcing the […]

Business Technology Tools: What Others Have Done! Can you do the same?

Some of the most successful companies in recent years have done so by buying innovative technology available in their industry. What does it take for your business to succeed? What’s new in business technology that can help you save time or organize your sales force into a more efficient and efficient machine? A good example […]

Interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts

Around the world in February, couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by professing their undying love. Giving each other gifts to show your love for your partner is part of this ritual. The usual gifts you see are red hearts, heart-shaped chocolates, and balloon bouquets. If you’re one of those people who likes to give memorable gifts […]