Parenting Lessons from the Blind Side of Film

The Blind Side movie is inspiring and amazing. Sandra Bullock plays Leah Anne, the matriarch of the wealthy Memphis family who adopted Michael Oher as offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens football team. Michael was two years behind in elementary school and had a spotty educational history with a 0.6 GPA in high school. Michael […]

Internal Communication in the Company: Message Distribution Channels

Corporate communication is divided into 2 categories such as internal communication and external communication. Both methods are very essential for any company or organization to achieve the planned objectives. When it comes to internal communication, you have a specific group of audience that includes employees, management, stockholders and shareholders, etc. Therefore, it is critical to […]

Reductionism versus holism: is the cell more important than the person in the treatment of chronic diseases?

“When we try to choose something for itself, we find it tied to everything else in the universe.– John Muir We live in an age that celebrates reductionism much more than holism. Reductionism is seeing an object or organism as nothing more than a sum of all its active parts. In a reductionist philosophy, we […]

Senior Dog Health Issues – Common Health Issues Senior Dogs Face

Like all animals, as dogs age they tend to develop health problems unique to older dogs. Many dog ​​owners have a hard time accepting this fact and I think your animated dog is not a major dog and will not have health problems. However, dogs can show signs of aging as early as seven years […]

Buying or selling property in Cyprus – an investor’s dream

Buy or sell properties in Cyprus, the choice is yours. Property for sale in Cyprus is a buyer’s market as prices are cheap, but economists have predicted that they will soon start to rise, so your investment could be worth a lot more in a couple of years. Grab some geographical maps of Cyprus and […]