5 Effective Male Fertility Tips That Can Help You Cure Your Infertility

5 Effective Male Fertility Tips That Can Help You Cure Your Infertility

There is nothing to be ashamed of about your male infertility condition. Both men and women suffer from infertility and there are many who are unaware of their condition. Here are five effective tips that helped many men to cure their male infertility through natural means. Implement them right away and adhere to them closely and you will definitely see your male infertility condition disappear. These are by no means a quick cure as it takes about three months for sperm to form, but as long as you follow them you will definitely see results.

We must first understand the underlying causes of infertility and these are: low sperm count, abnormally shaped sperm or lack of sperm motility. The latter is a condition where your sperm is dead or swimming in circles.

1) Male Fertility Tip: Increase Your Zinc Intake

Zinc is a natural trace element. It can be found in natural food sources such as nuts, seeds, bee pollen, and algae. It is vital and necessary for the healthy formation of normal sperm. By increasing your zinc intake, you will be able to form healthy sperm in your semen.

Although certain foods like oysters have good amounts of zinc, consuming them to meet your zinc needs is not recommended. You should keep in mind that excessive consumption of zinc will interfere with the absorption of other minerals in your body. Side effects include vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. If not cleaned properly, oysters can also carry bacteria, marine pollutants, waterborne pathogens, and even heavy metals like mercury and lead, which in turn could lead to poisoning. Stick to natural food sources like nuts, seeds, bee pollen, and seaweed and you’ll get your healthy dose of zinc intake.

2) Male Fertility Tip: Organic Foods Are Good For You

A common cause of male infertility can be traced to pesticides and hormones in non-organic foods. They should be avoided as such, or at least properly washed and cleaned before cooking or consuming. You need to start switching to an organic food diet that is made up of organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, poultry, seafood, and more. Not only are they free of genetic modifications, these organic foods have higher nutritional content and are safe to eat.

3) Male Fertility Tip: Switch Up Your Personal Care Products

These days, personal care products like shaving foam, body washes, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, gels, hairsprays, and more contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, artificial colors, manufactured fragrances, and more. . These chemicals can cause infertility problems in men. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the ingredients of your personal care products and avoid buying or using them if they contain these chemicals.

4) Male Fertility Tip: Avoid Eating Processed Foods

Your diet is very important to your fertility. There are many processed foods that have little to no nutritional content and contain many additives or artificial colors. These chemicals are known to cause infertility problems.

Certain food colors such as Tartrazine are extremely toxic and are now required to be clearly labeled on packaged foods. These chemicals cause infertility problems in both men and women and should be avoided.

And yes, these foods also include fast food.

5) Male Fertility Tip: Drink More Water

As you probably already know, water is important to our bodies as it helps cleanse our bodies of toxins and replenishes fluids in our cells. Drinking more water helps sperm production and motility, and ultimately, conception. How do you know if you are not drinking enough water? Look at the color of your urine: If your urine is not light in color, you are not drinking enough water. Simple as that!

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