A Ferrari and a McLaren auctioned by the SPF Finances: 52,700 euros will go directly to the State coffers

The auction of a Ferrari organized online on the “Fin Shop” of the SPF Finances reported Friday 52,700 euros which will go directly to the State coffers. The racing car, a 1999 Ferrari Maranello with 106,055 km on the clock, had been the subject of a judicial seizure and was auctioned by the SPF Finances. The sale was reserved for professionals in the automotive sector.

A 2011 McLaren MP4-12C, posting 37,747 km, is also on sale this Friday. Less than four hours from the end of the sale (6:00 p.m.), the highest bid for this “exceptional vehicle” amounted to 81,000 euros. This sale is accessible to non-professionals in the automotive sector.

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