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Susanne Langbein tritt am 18. April mit der Akademie St. Blasius im Vier und Einzig auf.

© Hetfleisch

Innsbruck – Cesare di Castelbarco (1782–1869) belonged to the Italian high nobility and was a diplomat in the Austrian civil service. He wrote poetry, was considered an extraordinary violinist and he composed. On Sunday, March 21st, the St. Blasius Academy, under the direction of Karlheinz Siessl Castelbarco’s collection of sonatas from around 1845, will perform “The Story of Creation for a Large Orchestra”. Due to the pandemic, the concert will be broadcast live from the Haus der Musik. It is available from 7.30 p.m. at www.akademie-st-blasius.at and at tiroler-landesmuseen.at/stream. Actress Roberta Pasciolla will also recite poems that Franz Gratl, curator of the music collection of the Tyrolean State Museums, was able to ascribe to Castelbarco just a few days ago. The score of the “story of creation” was also recently rediscovered in the archives of the State Museum.

The streaming concert marks the start of the new season of the St. Blasius Academy. The first subscription concert of the Tyrolean Orchestra is scheduled for April 18th. It will take place in the four and one. Whether in front of an audience or as an online broadcast depends on the then applicable official requirements. The concert is conceived as an approach to Ludwig van Beethoven. However, not through his compositions, but through thematically and stylistically related works. The program includes, for example, the farewell scene from Haydn’s “Berenice, che fai?” Sung by the soprano Susanne Langbein.

Orchesterleiter Karlheinz Siessl.

© Julia Stix

The second subscription concert on July 24th is dedicated to Camille Saint-Saëns. With his “Organ Symphony” in the Stiftsbasilika Stams, the St. Blasius Academy commemorates the French composer, whose death marks the 100th anniversary this year.

In total, the annual program of the St. Blasius Academy until December 2021 includes five subscription concerts and, as an encore, an appearance at the Zeitimpuls Festival on October 17th in Studio 3 of the ORF Tirol. (jole)

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