A guide to working at home – Success in 10 steps

If you’re new to the work-at-home crowd, chances are your head is spinning round and round from all the opportunities out there. And with so many opportunities out there, there seems to be an equal, if not more, amount of theories about the steps required to succeed.

Not to scare you away from working at home with a network marketing or MLM company, but there are plenty to choose from. Some are tried and true and some are start-ups. One of the oldest is one I’m sure you’re familiar with, Amway. No, this article is not about the merits of Amway; however, they make a statement simply by the fact that they are still in business. Ask anyone about Amway and you’re likely to be laughed at or worse. But they are still alive and kicking. I wonder how many of the start-ups of the last five years will be able to say the same?

So here’s the big problem with work at home opportunities, there’s just too much misrepresentation of the facts floating around. How many times do you hear that you don’t have to sell anything or you will never have to talk to anyone. Well here’s a cold hard slap of reality for you. You will be selling something more important yourself and you will have to talk to people. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. Seriously, part of MLM is marketing and part of Network Marketing is networking. If you choose to enter this field, you will not be able to circumvent any of those activities.

Then, according to some, you have to deal with contacting your warm market, and that usually amounts to picking on your family and friends. Or maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the preferred form, but it presents a whole different set of hurdles to overcome. Although, in my opinion, the hurdles of attraction marketing are easier to overcome by annoying your family and friends. Then there are those who suggest that you need to do both. And I actually believe that those who master the art of doing both are the most successful.

The following is the compensation plan. I won’t go into details here, but you should keep in mind that not all compensation plans are designed in your favor. Most compensation plans are not designed for fast paydays and guess what, there are systems in place to deal with so-called funded proposal systems.

Is your head spinning already? Mine is and I’m just writing about it!

Enter the work at home guide to deal with all the BS, my apologies, I mean the information available. The guide is Success in 10 Steps and it was written by Michael Dloughy. Here’s a guy who got so frustrated that he ended up joining over 100 companies just to figure out how they all work. One of his opening statements is “Don’t toast like a pop tart,” and I think that happens a lot.

10 Steps to Success is available in hardcover or electronic format and is intended as a guide to help you avoid the pitfalls of the MLM or Network Marketing industry. The mission statement of this book is “Where you learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think.” You can only depend on one mentor for so long, eventually you will have to be on your own guiding your own herd to achieve their goals. The book covers things like the lie everyone tells you and how the warm market has ice in its veins. You will learn about the dark side of MLM. There is a very interesting section on colors for success. What Michael has done is create a color code of the different personality types you will come across and how to deal with them. After all, there is no one size fits all when you are working at home in the MLM or Network Marketing field.

The guide has many more topics of interest and should have a place in your library, in my opinion, no matter what Internet marketing discipline you choose. The people who generally promote this book belong to a group called Mentoring For Free. They selflessly seem very genuine and interested in your success.

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