All is not lost, Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson still remains in my spirit not only as one of my great boxers, but also as a fond memory of my early days in the United States of America. In 1985, I embarked on a trip from the island of Jamaica to New York City. I had the opportunity to witness the formation of a great champion, Mike Tyson, and the last years of President Ronald Reagan. I think I’ll go to my grave with fond memories of these two Great Champions: Mike Tyson and Ronald Reagan, who mastered the art of sports and politics respectively.

However, like many of you, I am terribly disappointed in the way Mike Tyson’s boxing career ended. History will show that Mike Tyson was one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. Since his departure from the sport, boxing has not been the same. The heavyweight division is now a sore eye for boxing fans. I had vivid memories of going home in time to sit in front of my television and order Mike Tyson fights. It was something to look forward to. Although sometimes I thought it was not worth my money, because the fight only lasted a few minutes. But even with his first round knockouts in many of his fights, we were entertained well. What I would not give to see this great champion back in the ring.

Mike Tyson, wherever you are, all is not lost. There are many fans, including me, who really miss you and love you. He’s had tough times and yes, he’s made a lot of fundamental mistakes. We are all fallible. I wish you had genuine friends to guide you in the right direction. The first mistake I think you made was when you turned your back on the people the late Cush put in their place for you. Although they had white skin, they were your true friends and family. You should never bite the hands that feed you in life. I think that was the beginning of your downfall. Second, I think she was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for violating that beauty pageant. For those of us who know him well, we know that he has never been the same after his wrongful imprisonment. I saw your life go downhill and it hurts me deeply, because I could not reach you to give you the correct fraternal advice that you so deserved. You served time for millions of men all over the planet. Like you, many of us, including myself, would have dropped our pants or boxers if a beautiful girl walked into our rooms at 2:00 in the morning. While he may have had some bad days on the streets when he was young, I personally didn’t think he would rape that girl.

I wish you the best, Mike. Once there is life, there is hope. As our dear brother Jesse Jackson said: “Keep hope alive.” I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you and it will not be a train. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Like you, many of us are deceived and deceived by no good woman. I wish you could look past the pretty faces and embrace the righteous and virtuous women who truly loved you. I can almost guarantee that they were good and virtuous with good intentions, but unfortunately, we cast them on the sidewalk to embrace false and false scams. If you find money again, and I think you will, get rid of opportunists, parasites, and hypocrites posing as friends. Don’t be fooled by skin color. When Cus brought you home as a troubled teenager, I’m sure his wife gave him hell at first. Don’t you think they were black families who had the same amount or more money than Cus? Of course they were. But it took a great and divine man to look past your flaws and skin color and embrace you as a family. That’s what that noble Italian brother did for you. I was terribly disappointed when you turned your back on the people Cus put in their place for you before he transitioned. That was one of your downfalls and I’d say it to your face in a phone booth.

I hope one day you will be inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. You are still my undisputed heavyweight champion.

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