Are you doing your best?

Motivational stories are all around us. Some are very well known because they have captured the attention of television, film directors or writers. However, there are many that we will never hear about because people are over and above their limitations all over the world and their experiences are not covered by the media.

Lately I have come across several stories of heroism and living beyond the limits. Perhaps it is due to the Christmas season, as people tend to reflect on the past year, their own lives, and what the future may be.

As I watched these amazing stories I began to wonder; once again why these stories move us so much. Almost everyone in life has some obstacle to overcome, be it physical, mental or emotional. Our individual journeys are filled with experiences that make us learn, grow, and cultivate along the way. Of course, that doesn’t mean we grow because we have the option to walk away and ignore these lessons if we choose to. But what moves us when we look at other people’s stories of success and overcoming adversity? After seeing another “human interest” story about a man who only has stumps instead of arms and legs and yet lives an amazing life; the question that came to me was: “Are we really doing the best we can?” People who don’t have the physical limitations that others have manage to find ways to not give their all to life. We make excuses, we indulge our fears, and we let our old habits keep us from living the full life we ​​say we want.

The amazing stories we see and read move us because they strike a chord with the human spirit to live and excel no matter what. These people are motivated to follow their dreams, stay on track, and not give up. They are not afraid of failing or receiving support from others.

I think this is why we have such a strong reaction to those who are much less fortunate than us and who have managed to live wonderful lives filled with love, activity, and no regrets. When asked what he wanted most, the man in the story he was looking at simply said, “I have a heart, a mind, and a soul. I have everything I need.” We have all been given the gift of a heart, a mind, and a soul. Are we doing the best we can with them, or are we letting doubt, fear, and confusion get in the way? The stories of those who have come through, sustained a wonderful life, and have a deep sense of fulfillment are a living testament to the power that has been given to all of us. We have the opportunity every minute of every day to not only live the life we ​​truly want but to share it with others. We do not have to wait for some event to shake us into this consciousness. Look around you, your life is waiting for you. What will you do with the heart, mind and soul you already have?

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