Article Writing – Writing Articles Using A Template To Start Your Online Writing Career

Article Writing – Writing Articles Using A Template To Start Your Online Writing Career

Writing short articles and submitting them to article directories can be the first step in writing an eBook or even a traditional book. If you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t know how to get started, article writing may be for you. Here are 7 tips on how to use an article writing template to start your path to a career in internet writing and more.

  • Choose the template that appeals to you the most. I usually use the 7 tips template because I can write and submit an article using this format in less than an hour.
  • Write your article on the subject in which you want to specialize. You want to provide good, solid information to the people who will read your article after it is published.
  • Use your keywords in the article title. Keywords are words that the readers you hope to reach will type when looking for more information on your topic. For example, in this article I’m using the keywords “article writing” to help find the people I’m trying to reach.
  • Write as many articles as you can to reach more people. Each article will be geared towards finding your target audience and converting readers first into prospects and then into customers.
  • Start a blog and post your articles on the blog. You need to change these blog posts about 25% of what the article is so you don’t post duplicate content on the internet. You want to get credit for everything you write to build your online business faster.
  • Turn your articles and blog posts into audio recordings and other products. People learn in different ways, so you want to reach everyone you can.
  • Continue this process over and over again.

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be on your way to successful writing. Using templates will make your writing faster and easier for readers to enjoy.

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