Best Diet Tips for Women’s Health – It’s Not Always About Losing Weight, Try to Rebalance

A woman’s body, fitness, health, and dietary needs vary throughout her life. The key to maintaining proper balance is knowing your own body, even when it changes, and making small adjustments accordingly.

Many of us work our entire lives to maintain a nice figure, so that we like what we see in the mirror. Hopefully this is mostly for us and not just for others. We find healthy eating options that work for certain times in our lives or that are based on current trends or even medical knowledge. However, during our lives, our bodies and our metabolism change. Those changes can be due to stress related to home or work, hormonal fluctuations, and hormonal changes due to stress on our adrenal system, unnatural medications (prescriptions), or many other causes.

The female midsection is sensitive to numerous effects that have nothing to do with weight gain. Unfortunately, they make many women feel like they’ve put on weight, when they haven’t. Many women often turn to diuretics for monthly water retention. Others take medication for high blood pressure when all they need is a diuretic for the side effects of the water weight gain (as I did with the acute side effects of the bronchial asthma inhaler).

  • Tip 1 for women’s health and diet – Maintain fitness routines and training programs of varying intensity. The feeling of lethargy can make you feel like you’re missing a workout. However, it is proven that if you can find enough energy to do an “easy workout,” you regain your energy level and decrease your body’s tendency to retain fluids while keeping your internal organs moving. Drinking more water, of course, helps with a herbal diuretic.
  • Tip 2 for women’s health and diet – Know your digestive system. As we age, our digestive system changes. We can feel ‘fat’ when we have digestive problems that cause bloating or retention that with the right probiotics help us find our ‘little middle again’ that has nothing to do with fat. Daily digestive detox or organic power cleanse keeps your body from dealing with impurities of many kinds (i.e. sugar, dyes, preservatives, etc.)
  • Tip 3 for women’s health and diet – Know your hormonal system. Pregnancy or perimenopause (which can actually start in our 20s) are changing hormones and glucose levels in digestion, adrenal fatigue and the like that require us to rebalance our body chemistry by working with the changes and adjusting accordingly. .
  • Tip 4 for women’s health and diet – Know your metabolism. Of course, the best boost for metabolic slowdown is adding more weight training workouts to your workouts. My favorite team in my house is my total gym. I alternate it during some workouts on my non-powered Gazelle treadmill or elliptical with other things every 6 weeks or so to keep it cool. But the total gym is my staple or anchor in all of my workouts.
  • 5 tip for women’s health and diet – Know how sugar or salt affects your body. Digestive changes and stress are important elements. I know it took me 2 years to figure out why I changed my clothes from morning to night, until I discovered that my system had developed a sensitivity to salt (since I don’t even add salt to food). I found that I now needed to read more sodium content on labels than fat or carbohydrate content to avoid an “allergy” type of bloating reaction. Can’t find much less than 100mg sodium, but I’m looking for 60-85mg. The average prepared food ranges from 350 to 750 mg of salt. So, pay attention to how your body responds to the food you eat. When eating out, take a look at online restaurant menus, if available, to help narrow down your healthier entree choices.
  • Tip 6 for women’s health and diet – Know how stress affects your body. Cortisol is not your friend. I noticed a salt bloat-like reaction for a day or a week when I felt stress increase or felt my heart rate increase during emotionally challenging events. It goes without saying that reducing stress has many benefits and exercise or physical activity has always been a great stress reliever.

My own 2 year old body changing metabolism slowed down, where did my flat tummy go since this morning? Stress rebalancing in the main work life relationship was a discovery process to find out what was out of balance and what needed to be done to regain balance. Let’s face it, life happens, but it doesn’t have to happen in our body or our entire body.

Rebalancing is what balanced health is all about. The result: a dress size and a half, adding nuts, cheese (low sodium) and no salted peanut butter that I had given up on my ‘25% or less daily low fat intake ‘back into my diet and from I go back to my little half me.

Another key is more targeting, as body composition changes, you have to change muscle building to counteract. So on those big birthdays, who says you can’t wear college-size clothes? I always refused to believe that getting older meant having a girth in the middle or weight gain and I am living the dream. I hope you can use some of my experiences and ideas to work on your own healthy balance program for the whole body. Balancing and rebalancing is the key and I know it works!

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