Billie Eilish doesn’t look like this anymore (PHOTOS)

An unexpected metamorphosis. At just 19 years old, Billie Eilish is already a legend in the music industry, scooping every possible accolade in her path. And if the singer rose so quickly to the status of an icon, it is also thanks to her unique look, a mixture of streetwear and punk and gothic influences. Its most distinctive sign? Her long jet black hair streaked with neon green streaks. Till today.

This March 18, it is with platinum blonde hair that the American star appeared on Instagram. “Pinch me”, she blurted out to the attention of her 78 million followers in shock. A radical change that has put many of his fans in a daze. “We love the blonde Billie”, “magnificent”, “so beautiful”, “but who is she?“, can we read in the comments section in turmoil.

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