Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in July 2018

The lunar eclipse of July 27-28, 2018, was the second of three eclipses this summer. This eclipse was a blood-filled Lunar Lunar Eclipse with Mars conjunct (aligned) with it. Mars is all about anger, self-expression, motivation, sexuality, creativity, and the energy that moves us. The Moon belongs to the emotions, the psyche, the intuition, the ego, the physical body and the self-identity. Both planets govern our emotional, creative, and expressive needs. With these two planets colliding energetically, emotions have gone haywire, sleep cycles have shut down, reactions have been charged, anxiety has increased, thinking has been innovative, motivations have been enhanced, and the ego has been boosted. inflated. Eclipse cycles occur twice a year and impact our lives for six to twelve months afterward.

This is a time to take inventory of what you really need, how you want to direct your energies, and how you need to assert yourself. It is also essential to consider the risk of identifying too much with emotional reactions. The eclipse offers the opportunity to bring those needs and feelings that have been repressed to the surface, articulating them with honest self-assertion and authenticity. We are challenged to say our authentic voices loudly and clearly enough to be heard, but without crushing others. I remember the classic book, Power Verses Force, by David M. Hawkins. When we speak in a tone of criticism, blame, shame, guilt and aggression, that energy always comes from the part within us that experiences those feelings, whether we are aware of it or not. When we respond to our own feelings and needs with compassion, we are better equipped to express them in a similar tone.

Because eclipses have a ripple effect for at least 6-12 months, arguments and fights that occur over the next four weeks (current lunar cycle) can have a lasting impact on relationships, jobs, and other circumstances. Similarly, feelings that are conveyed with compassion, honesty, and love have the potential to redirect relationships down a more authentic path.

Because Mercury is also retrograde, communication can have a tendency to get confused. So if you’re feeling irritable, it’s probably a good idea to take some time to calm down and clarify what’s really bothering you before attacking someone. Breathe into the space of your heart, ask your Higher Self for support, be kinder to yourself and more honest. Overall, it’s a good idea, but the impact of this month’s conversations may be more pronounced than usual. It’s a time when skeletons are likely to make their appearance and avoidance will be a more difficult coping mechanism to rely on.

The positive side of this cycle is that it is calling us to be realistic with ourselves and with others as well.

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