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Jan Böhmermann knöpfte sich Ischgl vor.

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Mainz, Ischgl – Almost exactly one year to the day after the Tyrolean Paznaun Valley and thus also Ischgl was quarantined due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the German TV satirist Jan Böhmermann reported the cause of Ischgl in his ZDF program “Magazin Royale” on the subject. He had “read a bit,” he said, and heaved a pile of paper on the table that was supposed to be the prosecutor’s 10,000-page investigation report.

What followed was a twenty-minute processing of the already well-known allegations. Starting with an inquiry from an Ischgl hotelier to the local tourism director, which, according to Böhmermann, had been received two weeks before the first case became known, how Ischgl was prepared for the corona virus. The answer: “So far (…) we have reassured inquiring guests. However, an agency will provide us with communication support should the situation worsen “.

“Everything has always been a little different in Austria”

Then the warning of the Icelanders and the statement of the Landeck district captain, Markus Maaß: “We’re trying to keep the ball flat”. “High mountains, flat balls,” joked Böhmermann. Also cable car chairman and res. Franz Hörl (ÖVP) got his fat off the show. An already known SMS Hörls to the operator of the Kitzloch, the bar in which the first corona case in Ischgl was found, in which the Abg. requested the operator to cease operations. And of course the Tyrolean Health Councilor Bernhard Tilg (ÖVP) was not spared with his already famous “ZiB2” interview.

The German satirist even did not stop at the Austrian judiciary and questioned its independence. His experience with Austria – and he has plenty of it – told him: “All yucca palms in Lower Saxony are more likely to get a corona vaccination than that one of the suspects from Ischgl receives a real punishment,” said Böhmermann Everything a little different, it has a system, claimed the satirist and drew comparisons with the accident in Kaprun, where all those responsible were acquitted in the process – because they feared the image of tourism, Böhmermann quoted a German report The time.

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Après-ski hit “Ischgl-Fieber” at the end

Armin Assinger, Hansi Hinterseer and Andreas Gabalier, whom Böhmermann described as a “publicly dangerous folk artist”, also appeared in the TV report. And finally the satirist presented “the world premiere of the ultimate après-ski hit of the 2021-2150 winter sports season from ‘Tommy Tellerlift and the Fangzauner Schneebrunzern’ – ‘Ischgl Fieber’ “. Similarities to videos by Andreas Gabalier were probably not accidental.

?️ Video | “Ischgl fever”

Ischgl didn’t wait long for a reaction: With “Chapeau Jan Böhmermann” and a link to the video, the satirist’s song was praised on the winter sports resort’s Facebook page on Saturday amused. (TT.com, APA)

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