Book Review – The Elements of Style by Strunk and White

Most of us don’t like to write. Writing is a skill and not something you are born with. At first I didn’t like to write. I found it cumbersome and even difficult to put my thoughts in writing. Currently, I love to write. Writing has become a means of expression. It is the best way to organize your thoughts and convey meaning.

There are many books on writing and on technical aspects of writing such as punctuation, spelling, etc. There are few books on proper style and flow of writing. A book is above all books. It has also been around for a while. That book is “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and EB White.

Authors are also writers. EB White wrote the classic children’s book, “Charlotte’s Web.” Her principles on style and proper use of writing are generally accepted by everyone (educators, writers, teachers, etc.).

The book, “Elements of Style”, should be one of those books that students and writers should have a copy of. As a student, you’ll learn principles that will make your essays and papers convey effective meaning (and earn an “A” at the same time). As a writer, he will be able to make his writing flow with purpose and his ideas appear organized and effective. This is what you want your writing to be.

The English language has its own code. The book, “Elements of Style”, will allow you to “break that code” in your writing. That code includes how to use punctuation, active time, composition, expressions, and style. Here are the topics covered in this reference book:

* Elementary rules of use

This includes how to properly use parentheses, commas, colons, hyphens, etc. The use of the proper possessive form, the proper use of pronouns, phrases, etc. is also analyzed.

* Elementary principles of composition

This includes choosing a design in your writing, paragraphs, active voice, positive form statements, using definite words (instead of stop words), single sentences, keeping related words together, using tense, placing emphatic words at the end, etc.

* An approach to style

This includes writing naturally, writing with nouns and verbs, revising, rewriting, capital sins such as using foreign languages ​​or excessive opinions, being clear, giving too many explanations, etc.

* Some Form Issues and Commonly Misused Words and Expressions.

This will benefit anyone who needs to write for a larger audience. Unless you want to write with fragmented or random thoughts, this book is not for you. Otherwise, you’ll need this book, “The Elements of Style,” as a reference for all your writing.

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