Brand impact on the marketing mix

Brand impact on the marketing mix

The impact of the brand in the marketing mix is ​​seen in all aspects of our society. The ability for consumers to identify with your brand and associate it with a product is a powerful marketing tool. The more you are recognized, the more you will be thought of when needs for your products arise.

1) Trademarks – Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike… When you see the words, you imagine the products, the logos, maybe even the times you used the products. This is a wonderful thing if you are one of these companies. These are what we call brand names. A brand that is so powerful that the products automatically acquire the air of being the best or the most popular.

2) Lifestyles – Some brands even display traits of illicit behavior and lifestyles. Raiders, No Fear, Bob Marley… are symbols that have taken on an almost iconic brand. Many have associated the brand with the sentiment of the brand and have modeled their lifestyle to fit that sentiment. They decorate their vehicles and houses, choose clothes and buy other products with which they now identify.

3) Presence – You must set a save for yourself and take it out. It is very important to consider the style and tone that you will set for your company and your presence. Over time, the mark you create for yourself will stick, and you will have problems to face if you try to change it. Just think about the new coca cola theme and you’ll understand. People like what they are used to. Choose wisely, and you’ll be pleased with the persona your company takes on with its branding efforts.

The final impact of the brand in the marketing mix is ​​on your sales. If your customers feel comfortable with the company they have come to know, they will continue to buy from your company. Setting up your brand is a small aspect of marketing, but an important one. A good marketing education and mentoring system can help you understand branding and other aspects of marketing much better.

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