Bring royalty home when you make the Egyptian mau your pet

If you are interested in bringing home a beautiful shorthair cat with a spotted coat, you may want to consider getting an Egyptian Mau. In fact, the Mau is the only breed of domestic cat that is seen naturally. However, in addition to being a beautiful breed of cat, the Egyptian Mau has a lot to offer its owner.


The history of the Egyptian Mau is as interesting as the breed is beautiful. As one of the oldest races in the world, their heritage extends back to the time of ancient Egypt. In fact, the breed is believed to be a direct descendant of cats that were once worshiped during ancient Egyptian times. During these times, the Mau was considered a physical manifestation of the gods. As such, cats were not only worshiped, but Egyptian women also tried to model their eye makeup to mimic the patterns found on Mau’s face. Furthermore, cats were so revered that Egyptians deeply mourned when one died. The Egyptians shaved their eyebrows to show their pain, cats were often mummified along with small prey that were meant to feed the cat in the afterlife.


The Egyptian Mau has a muscular body and an elongated, graceful appearance. The cat also has a unique fur flap, which runs from the back knee to the side. This flap of skin allows the Mau to enjoy a longer stride, giving it a cheetah appearance when running and making it the fastest domesticated breed. In fact, this breed has been logged at an impressive speed of 30 miles per hour.


As you would expect from a breed that was once treated like a god, the Egyptian Mau is a very intelligent cat. They also tend to have high levels of activity and are very devoted to their fellow humans. Be prepared to buy lots of toys for your Mau as this breed enjoys playing simulated hunting games and will even play fetch. If the Egyptian Mau is kept outdoors, it will become a very skilled hunter. Therefore, to protect local wildlife and ensure that your cat remains healthy, it is generally best to keep this breed indoors.

Another strange feature of the Egyptian Mau is the fact that the breed is fascinated by water. In fact, they can be found regularly by dipping their toes in the water and drinking from the water tap. Some Egyptian Mau even like to splash in the water like a dog.

Caring for the Egyptian Mau

Since the Egyptian Mau is a short haired cat without a soft undercoat, it does not require a great deal of regular grooming. However, this breed does enjoy getting an occasional brushing and should be brushed about twice a month to keep its coat looking and feeling great.

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