Build Your Website: How to Embed Images in Kompozer

If you want to create a website, you will need a website builder program first, and here I am using a free program called Kompozer.

Inserting an image into Kompozer is very easy. Open the web page where you want to place an image. I am assuming that you have used tables to create your website, so please put your cursor in the cell where you want to insert the image.

Now click on the picture icon on the toolbar. A dialog box appears asking where the image is stored. Select an image and upload it. Remember that image files are. jpg or .gif files.

When you click ok An alert message will appear asking you to provide alternative text. It is used by accessibility programs to describe images on the web, so that, for example, a visually impaired person would hear the “image of a clock.” Click the OK button for the alert and return to the open dialog box. Insert alternative text that describes the image or click Don’t use alternative text. Then click ok. Your image will appear on your web page.

This sounds very simple, but be careful. Images take up many bytes of computation and can slow down the time it takes for a web page to load. If that happens, people are likely to click away from your website before it loads properly. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, your images should be less than 100 KB (kilobytes) each. People often think of it as a simple matter of clicking and dragging to resize an image, which is true. Then they assume that a smaller image takes up fewer bytes. This is not true!

Here’s how to resize and then use another free program called IrfanView. Open the image you want to resize. Click on the image drop-down menuand select resize / resample. In the dialog box, make sure “preserve aspect ratio“is selected as you don’t want to create a short, thick, or thin, tall image. Now set the new size to pixels, inches, or centimeters. As an example, choose 100 pixels wide and click ok. Your image will shrink before your very eyes, while retaining its features! Remember save money your image in its new size.

You can find a lot of free images on the web, usually the smallest sizes and usually only requiring the photographer or website’s recognition. However, you can also buy photos at a fairly low price. If you are purchasing the image, be sure to choose the correct contract based on how you intend to use it.

Remember that when uploading your website, you will need to upload a file containing the images used on the website to your hosting account. Without it, your images will not show on your website.

Creating a website with images creates many possibilities. You can even get animated gif files for more fun. Enjoy.

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