Carlton Sheets Program A scam?

Contrary to what 99% of readers think, here you will discover the truth behind the Carlton Sheets Program. Also, the discovery of his shady advice in the real estate world. As a bonus, I will also include a completely unbiased opinion from me for you.

My initial research for the Carlton Sheets Program was pretty messy with the many opinions of angry people. I also found some helpful reviews from highly reputable people and this is where we’ll start. Pretty useful if you want to know what the Carlton Sheets show is about in 10 minutes or so.

The bottom

Carleton H. Sheets, famous for his Carlton Sheets show (which is a misspelling of Carleton, his real name), actually has quite a few accomplishments in life. Carleton Sheets was born in 1939 in Illinois and received a BA in psychology, business, and public speaking at the tender age of 21 from Ohio Wesleyan in 1961.

The course

The Carlton Sheets program is geared toward beginners. Looking at many others like you trying to pursue financial freedom in the real estate industry, something seems to be missing. As I found out, the show’s topics are geared toward no-down payment deals.

You should know that while these tactics work, you must be a veteran with a reasonable amount of reserve under his belt. Somehow, the courses within the Carlton Sheets Program were selected to maximize your income and not actually increase your clients’ income; that is, you.

What else is there?

You can probably find a good deal on eBay’s Carlton Sheets show or even a garage sale today. I know there are a lot of new things, but from what I’ve seen, the techniques for building wealth in real estate are pretty sensible.

For example, you will learn that you do not need money to invest in real estate in order to make a profit. You may have heard it before and not just from the Carlton Sheets show. The famous “how to buy your first home with no down payment” and “build wealth fast with partnerships”.

These will work for you only if you have a good level of financial reserves and have some real estate investment experience. To be very frank with this, you will be wasting your time and financially hurting yourself with the Carlton Sheets Program if you are not careful.

A quick fact to know is this: The president of Atlanta’s Robert Allen Nothing Down Club was sent to prison for initiating illegal deals with no down payment. That is how serious it will become if you are not careful in your own steps when taking the Carlton Sheets program.

While the Carlton Sheets program is questionable on every angle, there is still hope for you. You have a host of other shows, not just the Carlton Sheets show, to join. Make sure to do your due diligence and look closely for genuine programs that pay you instantly.

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