Important Requirements for Becoming an Auto Electrician

The path to becoming an automotive specialty technician often begins in high school. Most schools in the United States offer basic auto shop courses for students who think they may be interested in working as a technician after graduation. This is also a great time for people to start gaining valuable industry knowledge by participating […]

Dynamometer History: An Innovation Timeline

Dynamometers have been a part of performance measurement since the days when the presence of horsepower used to be accompanied by four hulls and a tail. This versatile tool is applied all over the world, since companies such as Taylor dynamometer leverage past innovations with new advancements in data collection and systems control technology. 1828 […]

The advantages of deionized water over tap water

Tap water may not work well for washing. Tap water, which contains a large amount of minerals, is generally used to clean windows. Pressure washing services also rely on tap water. However, tap water has dissolved substances in it. Some of these are calcium, magnesium, and other metal ions. Other non-metallic ions such as chloride […]