Imagine the future of autonomous transportation: robotic taxis, autonomous Uber cars

Have you ever thought about how much fun it is to go out for a drive? In my youth, I did just that, driving sports cars and motorcycles through canyons and going on a road trip just for the fun of it. Today, fuel costs and time constraints, traffic, and all those traffic rules take […]

A look at defense vehicles used by the military

Defense or military vehicles are automobiles used by the Armed Forces, both for ground fighting and for transportation purposes. Selected organizations have the opportunity to produce these cars, and Ashok Leyland is one of them. It is a recognized name in the automotive industry and makes some of the best buses, trucks, light vehicles and […]

What exactly does B50 Life mean?

In the towing equipment industry, many crane dealers use B50 calculations to estimate expected life before an engine requires overhaul, replacement, or other rotating equipment. In the world of car haulers and wrecker trucks, it is generally described in terms of “operating miles” in the trucking community. B50 is the calculated estimate of when 50% […]

Nissan Petrol 4×4 parts to turn your vehicle the way you always wanted

Nissan’s success is due to its love of people, love of life, and love of cars. Nissan always prioritizes its guiding principles that have brought its industry to such a high level of appreciation and demand. Nissan has made a name for itself in the world of automobiles. It has successfully taken over the industry […]

Entrepreneurship and innovation: the uncomfortable truth

Entrepreneurship and innovation: popular belief In general, entrepreneurs are believed to be the agents behind economic growth and innovation. We are told that they are the movers and shakers that create new industries, unseat current leaders from their thrones, and open new frontiers for all. Popular culture tirelessly propagates one success story after another, from […]