COVID-19 Issues for ERISA Retirement Plan Sponsors

The economic disruption in the first two quarters of 2020, combined with future business uncertainty over the COVID-19 pandemic, is prompting the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) sponsors of retirement plans to review. your pension plan management options. Industry sectors that have been particularly affected by COVID include retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, commercial real […]

12 Important Safety Features In Our Cars We Didn’t Think About

Well, this is a different topic, and probably not the most obvious to some. But I guarantee you that some of us will be a little more informed, people might even feel safer when they drive to work tomorrow. Whether you’re the consumer or a car sales consultant, this article will list a dozen important […]

Tremec TKO Transmissions Part 1 – TKO-500 and TKO-600 Features and Background

Tremec is an OE transmission supplier that manufactures manual transmissions for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Aston Martin, TVR, and many different medium and heavy duty truck applications. Its TKO is a heavy duty 5-speed overdrive manual transmission that was originally designed to be retrofitted to Mustang Fox bodied cars to replace the weaker T5, but […]

Truck Driver Insurance: The Coverage You Need

First, truckers, tractors and trailers are insured as commercial equipment and do not automatically receive the coverage extensions of a personal automobile policy. Electronics, cargo equipment, cargo securing equipment, rental reimbursement, and personal property are insured differently and are not automatically covered. Commercial vehicle liability is pretty straightforward. If a trucker has the ICC Authority, […]

Jaguar XJR is the best-bought performance car of the last 15 years

The Jaguar XJR, especially 1997-2003, is the best performing car on the market today. In the private secondary market, cars in good condition can be obtained for a market value well below comparative. What makes the Jaguar XJR an exceptional deal is the very things that have made Jaguar unmatched: the mystique, the level of […]