Top 10 Training Academies in India

Training is what makes a person capable of doing something that cannot be done without the proper training and knowledge. Training is very important for those activities that can only be carried out by knowledgeable people. Many people seek training in different fields and different streams to prepare for the job and achieve faster career […]

How to use pay per click campaigns in your business

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to get into online advertising without spending a fortune. You can start with a small budget and see big returns on your investment over time. But before you even get started, it’s important to understand all the different goals you may have in mind for your […]

Case Study: How to Significantly Reduce Drawdowns Using Market Internals

In 2014, I spent about 6 months straight with this unique tool for traders called Market Internals, exploring its possibilities every day, looking for new and creative implementation ideas for my own Automated Trading Systems (ATS). With a true obsession with this concept, I eventually found nearly 40 new ideas (mostly my own proprietary ideas) […]

Search engine optimization: its types, methods and results

Search engine optimization or SEO is the strategy, technique and tactics used to improve the visibility of a website in a search engine. Internet users generally do not click on search results pages. Most users visit only those websites that are visible on the first page of search results. Therefore, the goal of SEO is […]

Digital Marketing Planning Process for Beginners

This article focuses on formulating a digital marketing strategy and implementing a digital marketing plan for a company. In this digital age, businesses cannot afford not to have a digital marketing plan as technology increasingly influences our business and social lives. In fact, a business without a digital marketing plan is a business that plans […]

Innovations to speak directly with the wine lover

Creativity is not innovation and vice versa. Creativity, according to, is recognized as fresh ideas and innovations related to the implementation of creative breakthroughs. The idea is that being creative has no basic risk (in most endeavors) and innovations have measurable risks; innovation is about being better and smarter. Perhaps the wine industry can […]

Grow your business online with eCommerce web solution

E-Commerce or electronic commerce is a widely used application to increase business online. Nowadays companies want to buy and sell their products online. Therefore, they should add a shopping cart to the website to make it easier for customers. Now how will they make a shopping cart website to attract their customers? E-commerce is a […]

Using social media to increase sales and brand awareness

Companies continually launch marketing campaigns in an effort to promote their brand and increase their sales. Some of them are very successful: Carlsberg’s slogan and advertising of “probably the best blonde beer in the world” generate an excellent reputation and brand awareness. This then contributes to increased sales and ultimately increased profits. However, many of […]