How to use blogging as an inbound marketing strategy

In the digital/online space, effective content is content that provides relevant and valuable information to people along the Visitors–Prospects–Customers continuum. This is what inbound marketing captures. What then is inbound marketing? According to Hubspot Academy, Inbound marketing is the process of engaging customers through relevant and useful content that adds value to them. Online content […]

Stop yelling at your market – get your message heard

Does anyone remember the old EF Hutton TV commercials? Dead silence. People watch intently as someone murmurs: “EF Hutton thinks…”. The motto was “When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.” Well, those were the good old days of television and trusted investment advisers. It’s a different world now for a number of reasons: the global meltdown, […]

Marketers understand the importance of marketing quality items

Article marketing is a process of creating quality content that is distributed across the web on predictable sites, on dedicated content marketing sites, in order to drive traffic to your website. This content must be of QUALITY. Without quality, you are going to lose the point and many opportunities. Article Marketing Websites – The first […]

Affordable Web Hosting: Starting Your Blog On A Budget

While there are many places on the internet to host a free blog, many of the most successful blogs are hosted on their own domains. This gives you more control over your design, content, and practices, while providing additional options for monetization that many free blog hosting services don’t allow. If you’re new to web […]

Five tips for effective web content writing

Over the years, web content writing has become a million dollar industry. Business owners hire qualified and experienced content writers because they want their websites to look professional, so that visitors are interested in buying their products. But, web content writing can become a tedious job especially for newbies. An effective content writer should follow […]

Outsource your company’s professional work requirements to independent consultants

OUTSOURCING A PROFESSIONAL FREELANCER Freelance professional jobs are becoming more common as this difficult economic environment has caused many companies to reduce a significant percentage of their professional team. However, today’s market provides a tremendous opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to increase their market share, revenue, and profitability by outsourcing key work functions and/or […]