Dreams are what make the world go round!

I love to daydream on any type of day. The truth is, daydreaming is a great hobby and can be a very productive activity. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia defines it this way; “Dreams can involve fantasies about future scenarios or plans, or reminiscences of past experiences, and can include vivid dream-like mental images …” […]

10 tips for using Instagram for business marketing

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Instagram every day. This powerhouse of social media gives you the opportunity to reach a substantial number of people in different areas around the world. Using Instagram for business marketing can help you build your brand, get more traffic, grow your email subscriber list, and generate […]

How to Build a Career with Digital Marketing Lead Generation Techniques

Today, everyone knows the importance of online or digital marketing. Without the help of digital marketing, it can be very difficult to generate sales in the online marketplace. When we talk about digital marketing, we usually refer to lead generation. It is the main objective of online marketing; The more potential customers you have, the […]

Search engine and website marketing made easy

The advent of the Internet has resulted in the level of competition for businesses expanding globally in countries and continents. The Internet is advancing at a rapid pace mainly because it is a dynamic process that forces companies to adapt various types of marketing procedures to traditional offline marketing and advertising. The overall goal of […]

3 key trends that will affect the world of public relations in 2017

With technological advancement and digitization at its own pace, the world of many industries, including Public Relations (PR), is changing rapidly. With this rapid pace of change taking place, here are the top 3 trends that will have an impact on PR professionals, especially those who work in Public Relations companies: 1. Convergence Changes are […]

Destruction and creation: a hyperbole of new jobs

What does it take to get from here to there and back? Come on, let’s not joke, sugarcoat or simplify our situation. As current or new technologies and business model processes replace legacy ones, it is absolutely essential to question “creative destruction.” Technology, without a doubt, is and continues to be the largest generator of […]