Benefits of Using High Efficiency Air Filters in Schools

High Efficiency Air Filters in Schools As a school administrator, you should understand what is polluting your indoor air. You should know which pollutants are causing you health problems. You should make sure that the air in your school is not getting stale. In this day and age, mechanical ventilation is essential to avoid this. […]

Tony horton "Bring it!" Book Review: A P90X Graduate’s View

Below is my review of Tony Horton’s book titled “Bring It On! The Revolutionary All-Level Fitness Plan That Burns Fast, Builds Muscle, And Loses Inches.” The 304-page book shows readers how to create their own fitness and nutrition plans based on their individual lifestyle, preferences, and goals. I am a multi-round graduate of Tony’s Power […]

Combat The Fat Review – The Truth About Jeff Anderson’s Fitness Program

Combat the Fat is a fitness program written by a former military man named Jeff Anderson and, while in the military, he has been training men to peak form in a matter of weeks. He has been known as the Muscle Nerd ever since. Now, he works as a fitness instructor, nutrition guide, and the […]

Fitness Equipment: The 21 Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Trainer Review

Total physical fitness has never been more important than in today’s self-conscious society. Looking your best not only has an effect on the way other people see you, it also helps improve your image of yourself. What better way to get in shape than with top-quality fitness equipment? Elliptical trainers are a popular choice for […]

Best Prenatal Yoga Online Classes

Yoga Online Classes Prenatal yoga helps pregnant women prepare for childbirth and maintain balance and strength in the pelvic floor. It encourages full range of motion, strengthens the core and restores breath rhythm. In addition, many classes offer modifications designed for pregnancy. During the class, instructors explain how yoga affects the body during pregnancy and […]