Banana Yoshimoto’s ‘Kitchen’ – Review

One of the many attractions of Banana Yoshimoto Kitchen’s novel is that it deals with feelings that everyone can relate to. Everyone has been hungry, and images of hunger, food, and meals abound in the novel. Other common feelings also arise, especially sadness and loneliness. At the beginning of the book, the reader discovers that […]

Tips to improve your mood and have a healthy sex life

Along with love, compassion, understanding, sex is essential to survive a relationship. Many today call it Vitamin “S” which is recommended to take once a week or even daily to maintain closeness and bond between spouses. The strength of the bond is enhanced by physical intimacy. Often times, the growing gaps between married couples are […]

Self-Healing Cutting Mats – How to Cut Them to Size

A self-healing cutting mat (or rhino cutting mat as they are also known) is an extremely useful tool for any professional in the signage industry, as well as printers, designers, dressmakers, and many other artisans. They provide a large cutting surface that is safe for a rotary cutter and can be used over and over […]

Kitchen cabinets: when the interior and the exterior are equally important

Since cupboards are used to store things and food, they also need to be as clean as possible for health reasons. In the following lines we give you some tips to achieve this feat. First things first: the exterior Sometimes the exterior surface of your cabinets accumulates a layer of dirt, especially near the handles. […]

Tips to Protect Your Granite From Cracks and Warps: There’s a Simple Solution

Granite and other stones or heavy surfaces will crack and sag if not protected against it. You may think that a surface like granite is tough and does not need protection against cracks or warping, but you will find that if it is not protected properly, you will need a very expensive replacement repair of […]