Human and civil rights violations continue to occur in the United States

Human and civil rights violations often occur in many parts of the United States, as illustrated by recent voting and marriage laws passed in state legislatures, judicial errors that occur through verdicts rendered in our court system, prejudice and corporate-level discrimination and harassment. in our schools. When they do occur, these violations have a serious […]

Snapchat Vs Instagram: Which is better and safer?

If there’s one thing young people need, it’s a cool platform with great features for posting photos and sharing videos online. After all, it is your source of entertainment. With the selfie trend at its peak, these platforms have become the necessity of the moment. Businesses are looking for the perfect platform, while the truth […]

Top 20 breakup mistakes and how to get your ex back even if you’ve made them all

If you are going through a breakup right now, then your emotions are super charged and heightened and you are just not acting like yourself, are you? Here are the top 20 breakup mistakes that are not only driving your ex crazy, but also guaranteeing that you will never get back together. I’m going to […]

When should interns be paid? Revised FLSA Test May Create New Unpaid Internship Opportunities

Did you know that the Department of Labor recently changed the test used to determine if interns are employed under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? Although mostly overlooked, this development can significantly affect the way employers provide internship opportunities. You can also encourage other employers to start their own internship programs. In January 2018, […]

Don’t sit in the shadows – use Facebook to get your message out to the world

We’ve all heard this, but it bears repeating: if you don’t honk your own horn every now and then, no one else will. Ask any successful entrepreneur. Sitting around and waiting for people to find you doesn’t work. You have to TELL people what your business is about. It’s true that you don’t want all […]