I hesitated before entering into relationships: interview about herpes, genital herpes

Sexually transmitted diseases can, in a very short time, emotionally devastate a person. Psychologists believe that herpes is not as scary as society has made it over the years. Given the right medication, pain can be greatly reduced during an outbreak. Also, in due course, the body develops an immunity against the herpes simplex virus. […]

Cricketers ‘Infidelity and Betrayal: The Cricketers’ Dilemma, Part 3

“Until such time as India would continue to offer a Secular team, our 1 billion fans would carry on be betrayed like the World Cup and Match at Lords “ However, the T20 World Cup has brought recognition to the players, but the main team is still struggling to gain a foothold. I extend my […]

Indian Labor Laws – Part 2 – Dismissal of Employee for Misconduct

This is my second article in the series on employment and layoffs of employees by Indian corporations. My previous article dealt with the question of whether a software and information technology development company qualifies as an ‘industrial establishment’ within the meaning of the Industrial Disputes Act of 1957 (“IDA”) and whether that company may follow […]

Someone should have died (1975, 545th Artillery Company, Nuclear Site, West Germany)

(1975, 545th Artillery Company, Nuclear Site, West Germany) The structure was built to withstand a nuclear explosion. Around the site were tall trees, sidewalks leading to bunkers that held half a dozen nukes (see interlude for details). The trees and foliage were tall enough that only a small plane about thirty meters above the site […]

Top Ten Reasons Law Firms Should Consider Selective Legal Outsourcing

In the last quarter of 2008, the United States faces economic challenges never imagined even a few months ago. How will businesses manage and survive constraints on credit, demand, and growth? How is the economic recession affecting lawyers and law firms serving the business community? It is an obvious fact that companies can only consider […]

Nose: homeoprophylaxis and treatment

Noses, also known as midgies, sandflies, and punks, are small red insects that thrive in humid environments that also promote mosquitoes. Like mosquitoes, they are blood-sucking insects, but they are barely visible biting flies, hence the common term “no-see-um.” Members of the family Ceratopogonidae, leave small, itchy red bumps or water-filled blisters. Once scratched, they […]

Veteran Labor Lawyers and Employment Rights for Service Members

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) through federal government law that was introduced to defend the employment and even reemployment rights of veterans. This act was introduced to recognize the sacrifices made by the numerous personnel of the Armed Forces that have served the country. By law, veterans are also entitled to […]

Are there holes in your SOX? (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for public and private companies)

Resume: Enron’s illicit transgressions and others like them in the late 1990s led to the creation of regulations to standardize the reliability of financial institutions and public companies. Companies facing SOX compliance will need to consider the following: What are best practice processes, how do these processes differ from existing practices, how should new processes […]