Raising a puppy – How to raise a Havanese

Looking for a new puppy friend? Why not consider adopting a Havanese puppy? Havanese puppies are a great addition to any home. Because Havanese puppies are small in size and have a very sweet demeanor, they are especially popular with families with young children or other pets. Dogs are friendly, loving, affectionate, and eager to […]

Patellar Luxation, Also Known As Slipped Knee: Is Your Dog Predisposed?

For the most part, patellar luxation, also known as slipped knee, is a fairly common toy breed and genetic condition of small dogs. It can also be caused by trauma. It occurs when your dog’s “knee” joint, just above the hock on the hind leg, slips. Sometimes it corrects itself, sometimes your vet may put […]

10 Common Online Business Assumptions Made Every Day By Individual Entrepreneurs

Not all online business strategies work for all businesses. Unfortunately, many Solopreneurs will continue to force themselves into a standard. Don’t let it be you. Learn some PROVEN tactics to help you avoid these common assumption mistakes and set your brand up for profitable success. With more than 4 billion active online businesses, and all […]

Things you should know about the exotic shorthair cat

Cats have been one of humanity’s most treasured companions throughout history. They are known as playful and affectionate pets. The exotic shorthair is a recent breed of cat that has become increasingly popular with cat owners around the world. The breed originated in the United States in the early 1950s. The breed was formally recognized […]