5 Common Home Improvement Contractor Misconceptions

Deciding on home improvements is a big decision. It can be a scary process to learn that someone is going to dismantle your home with the promise of making it look better. Finding and trusting a contractor is not easy. You’ve probably heard the warnings or horror stories from neighbors or friends about construction projects […]

Wii games guide – Guinness World Records the video game

Guinness World Records The video game for Wii is seriously underrated and is a real barrel of laughter! This game includes 36 minigames perfect to play in multiplayer mode. From a health standpoint, many of the games make you ‘run’, ‘throw’, ‘push’, ‘pedal’ and more with Wiimote and Nunchuck, so there’s plenty of action that […]

Beware Brain Training: The Cognitive Science of Mindfulness

A modern brain at work As I write right now, I am concentrating on the cognitive science of mindfulness, but am multitasking through the article in an attempt to increase productivity. I multitask and believe that I am competent, making the most of every moment. I’m sitting in my black leather chair in my home […]