Manganese Market Analysis

Manganese Market New infrastructure projects are expected to increase demand for manganese, and the government’s $2 trillion plan is being touted as one of the most transformative efforts of the 21st century. But the mineral’s demand goes beyond infrastructure. It also finds uses in other industries, including battery manufacturing and the electric vehicle industry. For […]

The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers

EV Battery Manufacturers The Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers are companies with long history and large global operations. Panasonic and LG are among the largest players outside China, and both are known for providing batteries for Tesla and Volkswagen. LG also supplies Porsche and Jaguar, and its pouch cells are used in Ford’s electric cars. […]

Powerful Inkjet Marking Machine Information 

Powerful Inkjet Marking Machine Before purchasing a power inkjet marking machine, consider the application. The first consideration is the material to be marked. Then consider the resolution, speed, and accuracy needed to create an effective mark. Finally, consider the configuration of the machine and the process it uses to create the marking. Then you’ll be […]