How to Earn Money Online – Step by Step (#2 of 3)

This is a step-by-step method for creating a content-based system and earning money from advertising and affiliates. This requires very little start-up cost, but needs a lot of elbow grease. This is ideal for people who have more time than money. If you don’t see yourself writing at least thirty articles, don’t bother with this […]

A Brief History of Rasta Bracelets

Bob Marley brought Rasta bracelets into mainstream American culture in the 1970s. People either enjoyed his music or hated it; there seemed to be no middle ground. Adults denounced it as nothing more than the glorification of the “criminal element” and tried to lure their children away from the sounds of Marley’s passionate songs. And […]

The best bars, pubs and restaurants in St Paul’s Bay Malta (including Qawra and Bugibba)

You know how it is. You go on vacation to a new place, you spend the first few days getting to know where everything is, and on the last day you find the best bar or restaurant in the area. The problem is that you have already spent more than necessary in other establishments so […]

My Wife Never Wants To Make Love: The Rare Truth Of Why It’s Your Fault And How To Change It

Are you in that terrible place in your marriage where you say my wife never wants to make love? That happens a lot in marriages, and it’s never a good sign. In fact, it is a very good indication of what your wife thinks of you and her level of attraction towards you. And never […]

Do we really need a water softener?

The effects of using hard water can be frustrating for some homeowners and barely noticeable for others, but they can be very expensive to manage. Hard water causes scale buildup that can clog pipes and make water-using appliances run less efficiently. Also, hard water makes soap less effective, resulting in dull hair, dry skin, stiff […]

4 Travel Tips for Couples Traveling Abroad – Part 2

A romantic getaway is an exciting way to fan the flame of romance in any relationship. Before you can stroll hand in hand in the moonlight, you must properly prepare for your journey. In this article, I’ll share four travel tips to get your vacation started on the right track and ensure your romantic getaway […]