Céline Tellier: “We must maintain the green ambition of our agricultural policy”

PRevised for 2023, the implementation of the new common agricultural policy (CAP) is fiercely negotiated between the European Parliament, the Commission and the 27 Member States. It will then be up to them to apply the CAP to their territory. In Belgium, the Regions have this competence. Which model to follow? Will the balance rather tilt in favor of a highly productive industrial agriculture which is highly exporting? Will we favor “green” agriculture on a human scale, oriented towards the local market, generating services for society and the environment? What will be the arbitrations? One thing is certain, there will be less money. The overall budget is expected to decrease by around 10%. This will directly impact the States: in Wallonia, we expect subsidies of up to 300 million euros per year until 2027. A decrease of 13.3% at constant prices for 2018, calculated the Walloon federation of Agriculture.

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