Commercial, government and residential services that your security company can offer

Commercial, government and residential services that your security company can offer

There is a popular misconception that security companies only offer personal security and that business dictates driving a security car to ensure everyone is safe and everything is secure. However, the truth is that security companies actually offer a wide range of services to their clients and their clients can be anyone from laypeople to local, state and federal governments.

business services

Some services that your security company will offer will be intended for companies, or will be the most used by companies.

These include:

* Intruder detection and control: Just like burglar alarms and door/window sensors, providing this service to your customers means that if someone arrives after hours without properly disarming the system, the alarm will go off. If customers have valuables hidden in the back room, it can be set so that when the alarm sounds, the back door will automatically lock or a special door will be crossed to seal it out from thieves.

* Access Management – ​​Business owners want the ability to take control of their security system and that means they want to be able to see what is happening. With systems that offer video surveillance and remote monitoring, a business owner can keep an eye on their business at any time of the day, anywhere they have an Internet connection.

*Fire Safety – Sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, and more are important to businesses. They don’t want to lose their business or stock to a fire and the faster the fire is put out, the more likely it is that the business will recover quickly.

Residential Services

Homeowners will use these services more than businesses, which is why they are generally marketed to them. These services include:

* Home security: Door and window sensors, burglar alarms, and motion sensors are all types of home security that homeowners can request from their business to feel safe.

* Mobile security: When a client is on vacation, they may want to know that everything is safe at home. Giving them the ability to monitor your home remotely will help them feel safe and keep them buying security services from your security company.

* 24-hour surveillance: The homes are used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it is necessary to monitor them as such. Clients want to know that when 5:00 pm rolls around, there will be someone at their security company monitoring their home and keeping them safe.

government services

Government institutions will need different and often more extensive security services. Some of the services that your security company can provide include:

* Access Control – Government buildings and offices will want to control who can enter their building and access control systems give them that ability. Whether through key cards or handprints, governments want to make sure that the people walking down the halls are people who are allowed to be there.

* Blast Mitigation – For sensitive documents or for offices with high-profile politicians, there is a need to protect. With explosion mitigation, an explosion will be limited and not deal as much damage. Through reinforced walls, special fireproof materials, and more, they can keep their buildings safe from terrorist attacks.

* CCTV: Both companies and governments use closed-circuit television. As mentioned, they give the customer the ability to see what’s going on in various areas of the building, as it happens, so they can respond accordingly.

* Executive Protection – High profile government executives need to be protected and your security company could be hired to provide that service. Whether you provide surveillance while the executive moves around, or have a bodyguard tail him, you need to keep these people safe.

* Network Systems: Hackers routinely attack government servers in an effort to gain information or simply create a disturbance. Network system protection ensures that computer files are safe and secure in the event of a hack or attack.

guard services

Providing guard services can be a very lucrative endeavor for any security company. Some of the services that will be provided are:

* Uniformed Armed Guards: If someone needs to be protected or if there is a high profile event that needs to have covert security, then the services of your company will be hired. To provide this, your business needs to be certified to carry firearms.

*Unarmed Security Guards – Typically this is to protect buildings after working hours or just to deter during working hours.

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