Computer Engineer Salary

A CNNmoney report claims that students who majored in computer engineering earned the most from the class of 2011. On top of that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software engineers is expected to grow by almost 38%. for 2016. You may have just stumbled upon your new career!

There are two types of engineers, hardware and software. A hardware engineer takes care of the physical components. They research, design, and test the physical components of a computer, including circuit boards, chips, and keyboards. A software engineer, called a developer, creates programs for users to perform tasks. They create software that translates application commands into instructions that the hardware can understand. They create the operating systems and computer interfaces for desktop computers and consumer electronics.

95% of jobs are in metropolitan areas. Positions are in research labs and manufacturing labs. Some work in computer systems design companies, research and development companies, or in the federal government. Just as there are a variety of potential work environments that you may end up in, there are also a wide variety of things that you may be creating programs for. Computer engineers create on computers, cell phones, navigation systems in your car, video games, etc. If you’re creative, love computers, and don’t mind making a lot of money in the process, this could be for you!

Some of the highest earning creators to come straight out of college are computer engineering graduates. This is a great incentive to buckle up and focus on those study nights in your bedroom. This will literally be worth it … GREAT TIME! The median salary for computer engineer jobs nationwide is 29% higher than the median salaries for all jobs nationwide. Sounds good yet? Let’s get into the details.

The total salary for a computer engineer is $ 87,000. To be even more specific, let’s take a look at what you can expect if you get involved in hardware or software. Starting with the low end of what to expect. As a software engineer, the lowest 10% average is $ 45.44 / hour or $ 57,810 per year. The highest 10% averages $ 65.28 or $ 135,780. As a hardware engineer, the percentages or a little higher. A computer hardware engineer salary on the lower end can expect on average $ 48.73 / hr or $ 62,400. Top 10% of hardware engineers earn $ 70.07 / hr or $ 147,610. It’s not a bad day at work!

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