Corona will shut down production of Dovy Kitchens for a week

Because about 25 employees are infected with the corona virus, Donald Muylle, the manager of Dovy Kitchens, decided to shut down production for a week on Friday morning. ‘The well-being of our people comes first.’

Due to a corona outbreak among employees, Donald Muylle, the manager of Dovy Kitchens, is stopping production in Roeselare for a week. “We made that decision Friday morning,” says Muylle.

‘In a few days, we counted about 25 infections among the staff. Because the well-being of our employees is paramount, we will not be producing for a week. ‘

Young children

200 people work at the production site in Roeselare, all of whom are now at home. “I don’t know where the affected employees got infected,” says Muylle. ‘It is striking that they all have young children who are in pre-primary or primary education.’

Normally about 30 kitchens are manufactured in Roeselare every day. ‘I can’t say anything about the financial loss,’ says Muylle, who became a cult hero in Flanders by appearing prominently in commercials himself. “Let’s see when we can start up again.”

The more than 30 showrooms of Dovy Kitchens in Belgium will remain open.

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