Couleur Café Festival: ‘We cannot say whether we will see each other again this summer’

If all goes well, the Brussels Couleur Café festival should take place at the end of June. However, the organization of the festival is starting to get tight as it is still unclear if and in what form it can take place.

‘Our government promised a decision on the festivals by mid-March. That has now been postponed again to the beginning of April. To be honest: that will be tight ‘, writes the organization behind the Brussels festival Couleur Café. ‘You don’t organize a festival for 70,000 people overnight. We are therefore waiting for a new evaluation from the government. Until then, we cannot say whether we will meet again this summer. We promise to inform you as soon as possible. ‘

The festival is scheduled for June 25-27. As one of the first festivals of the festival summer, time is starting to tick for the Brussels Couleur Café. ‘We are starting to think about alternatives, but the problem is that we really don’t know what is or is not allowed. It is also too early for us to think about moving the date, ‘says festival spokeswoman Irene Ross. Bruzz.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) held a live question and answer session via his Facebook profile where people could ask their questions about the corona virus. One of those questions was about whether the festivals in our country can take place this summer. “It is difficult to give a positive answer whether major festivals can take place in June or July,” the prime minister replied. ‘From April onwards, small events for up to 50 people can take place outside, for which we will experiment with rapid tests. But whether major festivals can take place in June or July will only become clear in May. ‘

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