Cris Chico – Who is he and why should I listen to him?

Today there are so many real estate investment experts with products to sell that it can be difficult to decide who to follow and who to learn from, but Cris Chico is one of the few real estate investment experts with a unique approach to profiting from real estate investing in this problem. economy.

Who is Cris Chico?

He (commonly called Chris Chico) is a Florida investor who specializes in wholesaling. He specializes in a very specific type of investment: virtual wholesaling. His Flip Anywhere education company –, LLC – teaches investors how to find and sell real estate across the country from the comfort of anywhere.

What is virtual wholesaling?

It’s a state-of-the-art technique where all you need is a cell phone and a computer to find wholesale deals across the country.

He grants you the ability to literally change properties anywhere, anywhere. This concept is a powerful and profitable strategy due to our troubled economy. The country as a whole is suffering and many nearby local markets may be suffering greatly.

With this unique virtual wholesale strategy, you can find popular markets across the country without having to travel and view the properties for yourself.

What are the other Cris Chico products?

Its main product is the Virtual Wholeselling course. He has another product called Absentee Owner Benefits. This course is the Marketing System and is now part of the Virtual Wholesale Home Study Course.

With the Absent Owner Benefits, you are targeting a very specific type of motivated salespeople across the country.

Why should I listen to Cris Chico?

You should listen to him because he is a pioneer in the art of nationwide wholesaling real estate. You are empowering investors around the world with a unique investment strategy that is powerful even in this troubled economy.

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