Cure your acne by adopting a vegan diet

If you are reading this article, you are getting closer to finding the causes of your acne. I’m glad you want to try and cure your acne by adopting a vegan diet.

I’m telling you that simply going vegan might not be the complete answer you are looking for. The reason I am telling you this is because the term “Vegan” is a very general term that simply means that the food is free of animal products.

Adopting a vegan diet that only consists of non-toxic, non-allergenic, and good for your specific genetics will definitely help cure your acne. The thing is, there are a lot of vegan foods and ingredients that cause acne.

To give you an example of the things that are considered vegan, but will make your acne worse, include table salt. hydrogenated oil. food additives, food coloring, and anything your body is allergic to.

Also one of the foods that makes me break out is any type of wheat product. Wheat gluten is known to cause many health problems. Wheat gluten is a kind of glue that holds things together in many vegan products in the store.

Many vegan foods that look like meat actually contain a lot of wheat gluten. It is also a very popular food chain that boasts of being vegan and vegetarian and the name has something to do with vegetables and being grilled or something like that (I’m being vague about using their exact name as I don’t want to hit them directly ), use a lot of gluten.

So while others and I have adopted a vegan diet in the past to try to cure acne, we have had success with a vegan diet. However, it was a very specific vegan diet.

White sugar is vegan, so is wheat gluten. MSG and its many names (you may want to research all the MSG names) is vegan too, but not good for you at all. So people talk about vegan thinking that it is a magical feature of such a healthy diet.

This is where many unhealthy vegans go wrong. They are eating tons of vegan foods that clog them up and make them sick. Bread can cause constipation and contains wheat. Most people have a food allergy to wheat, even if they don’t make the connection between the bread they eat and their symptoms.

I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably very frustrated with all the conflicting information on the web. Big food corporations pay “ghostwriters” to write nonsense to promote the food they sell, even if they know what they sell may not be good for you.

To avoid being brainwashed by the media and avoid what they sell, why not challenge yourself? I challenge you to prepare almost all the food and know what each and every ingredient that enters your body is and what it is made of.

I challenge you to write down to the last detail of your body. It is not as difficult as it sounds if you try to eat whole foods. Eat tons of romaine lettuce, carrots, almonds and other nuts raw (without peanuts) extra virgin olive oil. sea ​​salt, raw honey, olives, and other fruits and vegetables for a few weeks.

This means that there is no fast food. You see that French fries are vegan. In my opinion, looking at the connection between acne and food is that they are very unhealthy and will probably give me a breakout. The reason is that French fries are fried in oil and the oil is damaged by heat. Also, the oil is probably made from GMO ingredients. This topic is too broad to explain why it is not good for you.

In short, your body could perceive the oil as an allergen. Plus, the fries are likely covered in table salt as well. Table salt is not good for acne.

There is also a very popular fast food chain (which is probably best known for giving away free toys at kids’ meals and brainwashing the young and making them sick at such a young age they never know health and what to do. feels. like his whole life) that he clearly admits that his fries contain things that can cause cancer. I’m not kidding you. We need to read the warning on the fries.

Anyway, I don’t want to deviate. To help you heal your acne, and to be honest I want to let you know that it is a good idea to try a vegan diet to cure acne. It’s just that you have to be very selective when designing your vegan diet.

Just being labeled “vegan” doesn’t make it healthy.

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