Dogs are the best pets in the world

The best pet a person can have is a dog.. The pet business is a billion dollar industry today. A person can buy almost any type of pet they want within reason and, of course, within the law.

Puppies purchased from a pet store will most likely come from puppy mills. Most puppy mills are deplorable places with dirty conditions and owners with little or no regard for adult dogs, or rather breeding dogs. You can find pet stores that resell puppies from individuals or local breeders. You need to be careful and do your research before purchasing a puppy from a pet store that may be supporting a puppy mill.

Daily classifieds are great places to locate puppies from local individuals or breeders. That way you can talk to the breeder one on one and ask relevant questions about the overall health of the breeding pair. On some occasions, you may see at least one and sometimes both parents of the puppy.

Animal shelters run by the Humane Society, the American Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals, or any licensed animal rescue organization are the ideal place to get a great dog. These dogs have been dewormed, their vaccinations have been updated, and they have undergone full screenings for things like heartworms, which can show up months later. His personality is also tested for any aggressive behavior that would make the dog unsafe for human interaction.

Once a person joins a dog, the best friend scenario is closed. Dogs communicate with their owners. I’m not saying that they literally talk, but my dogs let me know if they are hungry, thirsty, scared, suspicious, happy, sad, hot, cold, in pain, or have to go outside to relieve themselves. That’s not all they tell me, but that’s a lot.

A dog contributes a lot to the quality of life of its owners. I have always had and will always have a dog in my life. Love, loyalty, and companionship are second to none. For me and millions like me, a dog is the best pet.

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