Domestic violence: Doc Gyneco evokes a moment of bewilderment

Arrested at his home on Wednesday, Doc Gyneco spent the day Thursday at the police station in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The rapper was taken into custody for domestic violence. He allegedly slapped his wife violently said The Parisian. The measurement was extended by 24 hours.

According to the daily, which quotes a police source, she would have received several slaps, four, during an argument against a background of jealousy. Edema in her eye was noted and she was admitted to hospital for examinations and treatment. However, she does not intend to file a complaint against her husband with whom she has lived for 25 years.

Doc Gyneco has admitted the facts and is not minimizing them, his lawyer said. To the police, he mentioned “nonsense”, “a moment of bewilderment” caused by professional overloads both on his side and that of his wife, indicates The Parisian. He also points to the health crisis which has led the couple to spend more time together than usual.

He finally claims to have never raised a hand on his wife before. Police have opened an investigation to see if there has been a precedent.

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