Eating out a girl: make her scream your name with these tips on oral sex

Going out to eat with a girl is the best way to satisfy her sexual needs, but it’s also great for you. Nothing can beat the taste and smell of a woman’s vagina and best of all is the way she grabs your hair and screams loudly as you give her an oral orgasm.

Oral sex is the easiest way to give a girl an orgasm, so here are two cunnilingus tips to give your woman a great orgasm.

1. Always remember that dating a girl is about pleasing her and not yourself. There is no bigger rejection than a guy who starts licking and then tries to position himself so he can get some pleasure. Giving proper oral sex is all about taking her time and gently exploring every fold and crease of her vagina with your tongue. If you take this selfless path, she will get so much more out of it and she will want to thank you for it.

2. Instead of making her lie on her back with her legs spread, try different cunnilingus positions when eating a girl. A very good one is to have your woman kneel down and put her hands against the wall while you are on your back and lick her from under her. Just experiment with a few different positions so oral doesn’t get boring.

The most important thing of all when giving oral sex is what happens before it gets licked. You see, to make a girl have a proper climax, you need her to trust you and feel relaxed and sexy, so be nice to her during the day and be romantic. This will ensure that she is ready to have a good orgasm.

It’s that easy to eat a girl and it’s worth it because her orgasm will be massive.

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