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Der Nino aus Wien und Ernst Molden liefern den Soundtrack für den Film „Ein Clown. Ein Leben“.

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By Barbara Unterthurner

Innsbruck – Sometimes he’s a tough manager, sometimes Zippo, the funny clown. Bernhard Paul wanted to run a circus as a child. It has remained a dream, Paul has been leading the entertainment empire Roncalli for 40 years – when it is not Corona season, he entertains millions of people every year. With “A clown. One Life ”, director Harald Aue dedicated a film to the legendary Austrian circus director, which is due to hit the cinemas in 2021 – when the cinemas are in season again. To get in the mood, there will be the soundtrack for the film from tomorrow, which comes from Ernst Molden and Der Nino from Vienna.

Incidentally, for the two Viennese songwriters, Bernhard Paul is simply “Da Kenig”, as one of the twelve songs on “Circus” is titled. The track has become a portrait, Molden recently told ORF. And the kingdom here is a camp with “a hundred carts made of colored wood / and Schnops from St. Pauli, of whom I’m proud of”.

While “Da Kenig” sets personal music to music, the rest of the album prefers to dream its way far beyond the ring. “Circus” starts in the subjunctive: In “Warad IA Clown” the tragic-comic of the fool comes to light. On the one hand there are “twenty women and a koa rua” waiting, on the other hand there is “no trust in the world”.

The musical oeuvre of Ernst Molden and his counterpart, who is twenty years his junior, is nourished by such oppositions. The great poetic bond between the two can be felt once more in their new album. It is already the second occasion that the duo went to the studio. And at the same time the first for whom music was written together.

For “Unser Österreich” (2015), on the cover of which a worn red-white-red is hoisted, the lifting cure was on the program for so many wrinkled delicacies from Austropop. At that time, when the Austrian music scene was suddenly hip even in Germany, Austria also rediscovered musical highlights à la “All of Vienna” all over again. New here is not just polished to a high gloss. The former Falco hit is still very Vienna.

Even “circus” cannot and does not want to get rid of the morbid and ranting. Neither in the newly recorded “It’s always about completing” (by Nino) and “i siech was finstas / i see a darkness” (Mden’s version of Will Oldham’s song), nor in the ten new works. The melodies shuffle along, clattering guitars battle with creaky voices in sparse instrumentation. Like in a barrel organ, the melodies are lined up with a crash. The main thing is nice and raw.

In the raw, spontaneous, there is a lot of space for imagination, even if the text is left out completely, as in the instrumental “Clowntraum”. Instead, “Café Der Artisten” winds its way from sensation to sensation all the more verbatim. Sensationally incorrect is “Mia Gengan D Viecha O”, which wants circus animals back, the crying tiger as well as the great bird show.

The intense “Forever” on the other hand, after “Losfoan”, is once again on the road with the circus troupe, “Paris in your heart / Moscow in your blood”, “Verona in your eyes / Vienna under your skin” always on the heels of the next “flourish” . Of course, “forever loud / forever colorful / forever young” lasts until after the last performance. It seems as if reality flashes through the curtains again and again in “Circus”. As it says in the encore “circus music”, everyone is waiting to be amazed, “for a miracle”. Just like in real life.

Soundtrack Ernst Molden & Der Nino from Vienna: Circus, bader molden recordings. Live: At BurgSommer Hall (planned for June 23rd to 26th) Ernst Molden is on the program three times: on the 23rd with Ursula Strauss, on the 24th with Nino from Vienna, on the 25th with Dreiviertelblut.

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